Dad came home the other day and said he had a surprise for us. He got a new job. And it’s a really really good job, which means we’re going to go to better schools. We’re going to move somewhere nice. We are all so happy. I don’t know why I was so happy. It’s not like I had started school yet. And I like our current home very much. But seeing mom and dad happy made me happy, too.

‘WHERE ARE WE GOING?’ I asked. That’s when
everyone got real quiet, before bursting out with, ‘YES, YES, WHERE TO?’

Dad paused for a second, before quietly saying, ‘We’re moving abroad.’ Everyone looked at each other, worried. I looked at everyone, too, but only because everyone was looking at everyone else. WHAT IS GOING ON?

It turns out moving abroad means leaving the country we are in and going to another one. Going very far away. When I asked if it was FAR AWAY FROM GRANDMA TOO, they started laughing again. They’re going to drive me crazy. Why are you laughing now?